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How are we organized?

Some of our supporters have asked about the organization of our Foundation. Here’s the short story.

We have a Board of Directors, and each Director is Vietnamese American. The board formally meets each month; but also meets weekly to discuss events. VAF has a President & Treasurer and a Vice-President & Secretary and a General Counsel. Our financial records are audited annually.

We model our organization on the Better Business Bureau Standards for Charity Accountability. VAF is listed with Guidestar ( Also VAF is listed with Dun & Bradstreet. VAF’s online donations are processed by Network for Good ( VAF is registered with USAID as a private voluntary organization (PVO), authorizing VAF to apply for and receive USAID funds.

VAF has an advisory panel called Family Casualty Group comprised of family members of those who died in the camps. The group is advisory only, with no administrative or managerial role. Their opinion is important to VAF for such issues as the handling, care and disposition of the remains.

VAF has an understanding with Cranfield University in the U.K. to provide field archeologists. VAF has discussed the possibility of cooperating with the Inforce Foundation to recover the remains. (Inforce managed the recovery of remains following the Kosovo campaign).

VAF has an understanding with the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification to perform DNA and kinship analyses. Last week we met with the director and staff to affirm continued cooperation.


The mission of The Returning Casualty is to bring closure and peace to the South Vietnamese people who lost relatives in the post-war re-education camps by helping them locate and recover the remains of their loved ones.

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