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TRC travels to Vietnam to excavate graves at Lang Da

On July 19th, we have a busy day in Hanoi. At nine o’clock, we meet with the U. S. Embassy officials. At lunchtime, we meet with a journalist from Associate Press. In the afternoon, we think we’ll meet with an officer from the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (although our meeting is not confirmed). Of [...]

A year of work behind us, with many accomplishments

Many of you have asked why we have not reported our progress for several months. This was our thinking. Although TRC is strictly a humanitarian initiative, our mission can have unintended political consequences, if not handled thoughtfully and with respect for the governments affected. Of course, since 2006, TRC’s Founder, Thanh Dac Nguyen, has engaged [...]

TRC Envoy Meets US Officials in Vietnam

While in Vietnam last October and November, TRC met with US officials at the Embassy and Consulate regarding our efforts in the reeducation camps.
Mr. Brian Aggeler, Counselor of Political Affairs at the US Embassy in Hanoi, pledged his support to our humanitarian project. During the meeting, we discussed the most efficient and tactful way [...]


The mission of The Returning Casualty is to bring closure and peace to the South Vietnamese people who lost relatives in the post-war re-education camps by helping them locate and recover the remains of their loved ones.

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