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ARVN Remains Discovered

Recently in HCMC, a construction crew uncovered the remains of 81 ARVN soldiers. The crew is building the new HCM Transportation University at the site of the abandoned Quang Trung National Recruit Training Center of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam). The construction crew quickly notified VAF of the find.
The remains were scattered throughout [...]

Lang Da DNA Analysis Completed

After months of painstaking analysis, University of North Texas Center for Human Identification (UNTCHI) reported that the DNA lab had completed its analysis of DNA samples taken from the Lang Da camp gravesite. Of the twelve individuals recovered, eleven yielded viable DNA results. We were thrilled to hear the news, because soils in North Vietnam [...]

TRC travels to Vietnam to excavate graves at Lang Da

On July 19th, we have a busy day in Hanoi. At nine o’clock, we meet with the U. S. Embassy officials. At lunchtime, we meet with a journalist from Associate Press. In the afternoon, we think we’ll meet with an officer from the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (although our meeting is not confirmed). Of [...]

How do we identify the remains?

Many of you have asked how TRC identifies the remains of those buried in the reeducation camps. The techniques TRC uses at the sites are identical to the techniques used by archeologists at ancient burial sites. TRC’s Archeological Consultant, Julie Martin, is expert in excavation of ancient cemeteries with twenty years experience. The task is [...]

Updates from Vietnam March 2009

Today, the TRC envoy returns from Vietnam. We received these updates and look forward to sharing more details on the success of the trip.
While overseas, the families of Major Duc Minh Hua, Captain Minh Van Nguyen, Police Sergeant Major Sau Van Duong, and Captain Vu Van Phu were able to collect their relative’s remains. [...]

In March, TRC continues work in Vietnam

At the end of February, TRC will once again return to Vietnam to retrieve remains and honor those who perished in the post-war Vietnamese reeducation camps.
On this trip, the families of Captain Hai Van Doan, Captain Vu Van Phu, Captain Son Hong Dang, Captain Minh Van Nguyen, and Lieutenant Colonel Tang Duy Nguyen [...]

Bien Hoa Cemetery: The Last of Its Kind in Vietnam

This scene of overgrown wild grasses and trees, broken headstones, and mounds of fresh earth was once the site of the national military cemetery of the former Republic of Vietnam. Inaugurated in 1966, it housed the remains of the soldiers of the South Vietnamese military who passed away in the latter half of the [...]

TRC travels to Vietnam

This morning, Chairman Thanh Nguyen and members of our Foundation boarded a plane for a 2 month trip to Vietnam. While overseas, they will engage in another round of remains recovery, assisting a new group of families locate and recover the remains of their relatives in the isolated jungle camps. Over the next [...]


The mission of The Returning Casualty is to bring closure and peace to the South Vietnamese people who lost relatives in the post-war re-education camps by helping them locate and recover the remains of their loved ones.

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